IK Years to Come

Years to Come - Session 1

Beneath the Puffing Bridge

Office location

As teh team settled into their new office they had a chance to look around. Their office was a pretty dingy little box down under the Puffing Bridge near the river. The Puffing Bridge is a big clockwork contraption that can raise the entire bridge to allow barges to sail up river. The gears controlling the bridge and the steam room are very close to the Explorer’s Guild office. As such when the bridge is being raised or lowered the office shakes and the noise is overwhelming.

The office also has a message tube system set up with the university where professors can drop hand written messages in small metal cylinders down a long tube running under the city. As the office is down hill from the university gravity carries the cylinders down where they are deposited in a contraption with a solid thunk.

Accustomed to their surroundings they were not the least bit surprised when a cylinder landed in the contraption. The letter requested their presence at the School of Prophesy and Divination within the hour to meet Insert Name Here

Meeting at the University

Heading up hill the crew exited the smelly dirty environs of their office down by the docks into the more refined setting of the University of Tarna which sat high on the hill surrounded by noble estates of Tarna. The university is a perponderous campus with several very large and old buildings. The history of the setting is almost tangible as it weighs down on the students in attendance. Of course it was pretty much ignored by the Explorer’s Guild as they headed to the dean’s office.

At the office they met a gray haired crazy bearded slightly dopped Dean of Prophesy and Divination. He gave them the task of delivering a letter to his colleague in Armandor. With the stipulation that they needed to avoid the river while travelling. They had a month to complete the job given the difficulty of travel.



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