Years to Come – Iron Kingdoms 4e Campaign

Welcome all to your campaign wiki! Take a look around at the various sections of the site. Currently I’m working on the Adventure Log to add in all the session notes that I can remember. Feel free to comment on them and add your character’s perspective. I’ve also got the map loaded as well which uses Google to add position information.

I’ll also be working on the Wiki to add more content to the people and places you’ve met. I haven’t seen how this works with players and whether they can add to the wiki too. I certainly hope so as I’d love to see this as a resource for you to track rumors and the like. I’ll probably use it to track loot as well.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the NPC Tracker at the moment, but I do know that you can create your characters in here somewhere to maintain a central resource. We can also work on PDF character sheets to throw in as well with the Character Builder I’ve got.

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Note: The Iron Kingdoms logo and the map of Western Immoren are copyright Privateer Press and used without permission. The character portrait is copyright Lee Mynatt.

IK Years to Come

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